Optional excursions that you can select from the list below depending on preference if needed

Hot Air Balloon Safari

A Serengeti balloon safari is an extraordinary opportunity to relish a bird’s eye-view of the phenomenal sweeping plains below. Tiny little dots rove across the diverse landscape and as you get closer you are spectator to the most magnificent view of dramatically striped black and white zebra, sashaying enormous grey elephants meandering to a waterhole, wiry warthogs foraging in the grassy scrub and subtle swishes of puffed golden tails reveal lions lolling under shady trees.

Gently bob through the air and your eye darts to every possible corner, euphoric on adrenalin this stunning approach to absorbing the home of the wild things is truly an overwhelming experience, where very little can hide from you here.

Cycling safari (Mountain Biking)

Its an easy cycle ride down the Great Rift valley wall into the farming village of Mto wa Mbu.  Experience local cultures from the bike, ride through some of the Manyara ground water forest and between small herds of the wildlife on the lake shore.

Mto Wa Mbu Village

It’s a cultural experience with conducted by an experienced English speaking guide who grew up in the village. Visit local farms, schools, kindergarten, local homes, the market and milling machines.

Canoeing ride/safari

Enjoy a peaceful and scenic canoeing safari following the shorelines of a small momella lake, view buffaloes, bush buck, giraffe, hippos and many water birds living in and close to the water.

Forest Hike

Hike down the Great Rift Valley and through a dense ground water forest.  View birds, monkeys, bush bucks and other forest animals. During the hike you will enjoy the sounds of the rest and the fresh streams and water falls surrounding you. 

Maasai Village

it’s a tourist village, designated ‘Cultural Bomas’ offer visitors the change to learn about the Maasai culture and to by a variety of handicrafts. Such cultural tourism also encourages residents to share their values with outside world and provides them with a direct financial beneifits. Maasai pastoralists arrived in the Conservation Area a few hundred years ago.

Their strong insistence on their traditional customs and way of life allow them to live in harmony with the wildlife and the environment. In the Ngorongoro Highlands there are a number of Maasai Bomas to visit .

Learn about the traditions and culture of this most famous of all East African tribes. Find out why cattle are the Maasai’s most prized possession. Interact with local villagers and visit their schools.

Olduvai Gorge

visit a museum fascinating journey back in time to the very beginning of mankind. One of the most famous of these discoveries was made by Mary leakey and is the well known ‘Zinjanthropus’. At laetoli hominid footprints are preserved in volcanic rock some 3.6 million years old and represent some of the earliest signs of the small brained, upright- walking Australopithecus afarensis, ever to be found. The museum at Olduvai Gorge provides excellent exhibits, lectures and its location offers a great views over the Gorge.

Empakaai Trek

Northeast of the Ngorongoro Crater lies the Empakaai (or Embakai) Crater, which is 6000m wide and 300m deep.  Among other animals, you will see buffalo, bushbuck, a variety of antelope and blue monkeys.

A deep soda lake covers a large part of the crater floor, supports a variety of unique water- bird life. There is a track to the crater floor and one around the rim of the crater. On a nice, clear day, one can see Mt Oldoinyo Lengai, Lake Natron and Mt Kilimanjaro. All this and superb views can be enjoyed along the 32 km rim walk with an armed ranger.

Crater Walk/Circle Hike

A round trip hike, starting and finishing at the lodge located on the rime of the crater. Enjoy a three hour walk with a Maasai Warrior and armed ranger, learn more about this culture and Ngorongoro wildlife.

Olmoti Crater Trek

Close to the Nainokanoka village, also Northeast of the Ngorongoro crater, lies this sunken crater. A visit to Olmoti is only possible by foot with the escort of an armed ranger. It takes about 35 minutes to walk to the rim of this shallow crater. Lots of different species of antelope can be found here. A walk to the waterfalls of the Munge River is also interesting.

Information about cultural program

The Datoga & Hadzabe tribe who’ve lived on the shores of Lake Eyasi for 10 000 years, will delight you with their language, a tongue that sounds at once foreign and oddly familiar. Perhaps the oldest tribe in Africa.  While Datoga do the Nilotic – speaking and you will visit their homesteads, animal tracking, learn about their way of life, medicinal plants, black smith and much more.

The Hadzabe have consistently lived a hunter gatherer lifestyle without ever having to resort to farming and you’ll gain first hand experience of their skills and rituals when visiting their village and accompanying them through the bush. Join the tribe to collect edible roots and berries and medicinal plants, or hunt with bow and arrow for meat, and revel in a rare insight into one of the world’s oldest extant cultures. 

very scenic lake found on the southern border of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. This less visited lake lies at the base of the Eyasi escarpment on the western rift valley wall. The Hadzabe tribe (hunter-gatherers) live close to the shores of Lake Eyasi as do the Nilotic-speaking Datoga tribe (see Cultural Tours Pages for more information).

It is possible to learn archery with the expert Hadzabe, or learn to track animals much in the same way as Ray Mears and Bear Grylls did when they visited this primitive and East Africa’s last remaining bushmen tribe. With the Datoga tribe you can learn traditional farming methods, bead-making and learn about their traditions and cultures There is quite a lot of wildlife and a wide species of birds to be seen here and walks around the lake are easily arranged. This trip requires a minimum of two days. Contact us for information or a sample program to include a visit to Lake Eyasi. Visit our pages for more information on Lake Eyasi.

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